Auto Dermatas Paros Rentals

Auto Dermatas Paros Rental Ενοικίαση αυτοκινήτων στην Πάρο
Paros is one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Cyclades as well as has many amazing beaches, numerous monuments and attractions, something that makes the use of a car a necessity.
To explore the beautiful Paros island trust Auto Dermatas Paros Rentals and drive safely and comfortably one of the cars that we will provide you.

About us

Our family business, AUTO DERMATAS, was founded 39 years ago in Athens. Since then, we have been dealing with sales and purchases to and from Europe.
One thing is for sure, despite the difficulty of the profession, we have successfully established ourselves in the market. We owe this to our reliable and professional services, as well as our love for cars.

The industry is constantly evolving and we, as a family business, have the ability to immediately inform and make decisions, so that we can react quickly and flexibly, to meet the new requirements and desires of our customers, with flexibility and efficiency, so that they always remain satisfied with our services.

In May 2015, we decided to expand to the car rental space located in Parikia, Paros as AUTO DERMATAS Paros Rentals. We guarantee a wide variety of new and safe vehicles, high quality, timely and friendly service, the best market prices without hidden charges.